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Communication and Telemetry Unit

Technical Specifications

  • NXP LPC23XX ARM7TDMI-S 32-bit RISC microprocessor architecture
  • IP65
  • CANBUS 2.0
  • Easy firmware update via CANBUS with LIAP "Linkas In-Application Programming "
  • Remote firmware update with LIAP "Linkas In-Application Programming " (OTA)
  • External safety timer (watch dog timer)
  • 2 clock inputs
  • 6 analog / digital inputs. All of these inputs can read (-) warning, (+) warning, 4-20mA current sensors and resistance type sensors
  • 2 proportional outputs. All outputs are short circuit and overcurrent protected. Short circuit, open circuit and short circuit to battery faults can be detected.
  • 2 status led
  • Linear Ni-MH charging
  • 2x5 AA Ni-MH 2500mAh battery package acquisition channel
  • GPS with 66 data acquisition channels
  • 24dbm built-in GPS antenna
  • External GSM antenna input
  • 2G 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM modem with 4 channels
  • Built-in SIM card slot
  • RS232 GPS output

Place of Use

  • Service Type (Off-Road) Vehicles

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