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Linkas grounds its electronic units’ production on IPC standards.

Sealing, vibration and temperature resistance standards are ensured in the production and installation of mechanical components.


Screen Printing Machine - DEK Horizon 03ix

Mounting Machines - YS12, YS12F

Curing Furnace - BTU Pyramax Model 75A-6 Zones 

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) System - TRI TR7500DT Automated Optical Inspection

Selective Soldering / True Hole Soldering - Ersa ECOSELECT 1

Specifications of Mounting Line:

Max PCB Dimension : 510x407mm
Min SMD Component Dimension : 01005inch
Max SMD Component Dimension : 45x100mm
Max SMD Component Height : 15mm
Mounting Sensitivity : 50micron (QFN, QFP, BGA package)
AOI Max PCB Dimension : 330x250mm
Component Mounting Capacity of Fully Automated SMT Line : 30.000/hour